Fashionable Fur: Up Close & Personal
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In order to really appreciate the beauty of a well-made fur coat, you have to see it up close! Seeing and touching in person is obviously the best way to shop for a fur (which is why we don’t sell furs online), but close-up photos like these can be the next best thing. With these, you can see just how soft and supple our furs really are. You can also see the stylish closures that many Flemington Furs feature.

When you do finally make your way to Flemington, here are a few shopping tips (from the Fur Information Council of America) to keep in mind:

  • The pelt should be lustrous, supple and well-matched.
  • Feel the fur for a dense, soft underfur evident to the touch under the glossy guard hairs which should be soft, never bristly.
  • Seams should be sewn tightly. Hems should fall straight.
  • Be sure to try on the garment to see if the weight is comfortable for you. You may be surprised at how lightweight many fur coats actually are.
  • A well-made fur will be well-balanced and will fall evenly and comfortably from your shoulders.
  • There should be a give to the leather side of the fur when horizontal tension is applied.


Dyed Whiskey Mink


Dyed Espresso Sheared Beaver with Natural Golden Fox


Dyed Brown Print Sheared Mink Sections Hooded Vest


Dyed Ranch Mink with Dyed Black Fox Trim


Dyed Light Grey Brown Xianggo Lamb


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Vintage Fur: The Frugal Fashionista’s Best Friend
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When you see someone walking down the street in a fabulous fur, the first thing you think ISN’T “I wonder if that coat is new or vintage?” no – the first thing you probably think is “that coat is gorgeous, I want one!”

My point is, you can’t really tell the difference between a pre-owned fur and a new fur, nor would you think twice about it. A fur is a fur is a fur. For example, our fur experts carefully examine and consider each and every one of our vintage or pre-owned furs based on three factors: original quality, current condition and styling. Then they clean it, mend it and then it’s as good as new! So you may be paying the price of a pre-owned fur, but at the quality of one that’s brand new. And you know – savvy shopping NEVER goes out of style.


stylish vintage fur

Click image to view coats in more detail

I feel like this discussion about vintage fur coats couldn’t come soon enough. There’s a big vintage “boom” right now and this quote from the URBANTIMES explains it best:

“There’s something romantic about vintage fashion; the stories behind the clothing is something that leaves me wondering about the wearer and their accomplishments, their lifestyle and the life changing events they might have faced; a 1920’s flapper girl, a 1940’s wartime woman or a 1980’s punk rocker. Vintage brings an element of discovery to dressing up, whilst filling wardrobes with individuality, eccentricity and quirkiness. Vintage fashion has an indescribable power to allure women into a whimsical, fairytale world where they have the ability to be whoever they want to be through the clothing they wear.”

Not to mention that a used fur is the most economical, environment friendly coat you could purchase. A fur lasts MUCH longer than a regular coat (when constructed well and taken care of properly) and a fur can typically be restyled. We restyle hundreds of coats every year; extending the lives of these coats so more people can enjoy them. So while you could go through 50 different coats in your lifetime, a fur will always be there.

But back to the topic at hand – vintage coats are the glamorous, thrifty option for those who love fur. It’s just as touchable, stylish and luxurious as new fur, but don’t take our word for it – take a look at some of the top picks from the Fur Exchange. We have just about everything, from mink and rabbit to lynx and fox. Many of these coats have estimated original prices of thousands of dollars – yet we’re selling them for hundreds! Get in soon, before someone else takes advantage of these steals.

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Which Fur Coat is The Best Fit For You? Style Map to Your Perfect Fur
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At Flemington Furs we have the largest selection of fine furs under one roof in North America. With so many options, it can be a little overwhelming choosing the best coat for you. Variations on fur coat styles, colors, patterns, sleeve length, coat weight… the combinations are endless. And what you may be drawn to visually may not be the most practical for you and your lifestyle.

Fortunately, we have the most knowledgeable sales associates around who will help you every step of the way. That being said, answering a few of these questions will put you on the right path to your perfect fur coat! Once you get an idea of what to look for, whether it’s a fabulously fun fox vest or a glamorous knee length sable, you can shop the floors of Flemington Furs with confidence.

Which fur coat did the set of questions lead you to? We’d love to know – either leave a comment or share the image on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, what have you, and hashtag with #FlemingtonFurs and your fur style.

Flemington Furs Style Map

Click to view full size image


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NYFW F/W 2014 Street Style & Fur Trends
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With one of the coldest, snowiest winters to hit the East Coast in years, it’s no surprise that there was a sea of furs seen at NYFW this year! Everywhere you looked, women were sporting their warmest winter coats in fashion-forward patterns, styles and hues. And let’s not forget about the models – we saw some really cool fur trends (but more on that later).

So who caught our eye on the streets? Here are a few of our favorite fearless chicks who rocked fur. Pay attention to how they styled it while some kept up with the trends and others opted for the classic, timeless look.

Black & White

NYFW Fur Street Style

furstreetstyle3NYFW fur street style

Gem Tones 

Fur-street-style4 fur-street-style5



fur-street-style7 Street Style Fur


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The Greatest Cape: Your Chance to Win!
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Flemington Furs - win a fur cape

This stylish cape could be yours! We will choose ONE lucky Flemington Fur Facebook fan; simply hit the LIKE button and comment or message us via Facebook with your email address to enter. A winner will be chosen at random and notified through email on February 1st. You must be a Flemington Furs Facebook fan in order to win. You must be a US resident and 21 years of age to enter. The winner will be required to come to Flemington Furs to claim their prize.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Flemington Furs and not to Facebook. The information you provide will be used for choosing a winner. By sharing your email address, you consent to further online communications from Flemington Furs.


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Bundle Up, Save a Bundle on Fur
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Shop Fur Coat Sale

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Jewel Tones on Trend in Fur Fashion
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Is anyone else in a black rut? Black pants, black sweaters, black jackets… its what many of us resort to as the months turn colder. But what’s wrong with a little color? We love jewel tones – deep & complex purple, shades of blue/teal, and ruby red are the perfect way to take a break from black! And jewel tones become even more vibrant when fur is involved.

Jewel tone fur coat

The Fur Insider reported on the fashion trends this fall and found the bold blue hue dominated the runways. They saw this color being used monochromatically and within fur prints.

blue fur

But for many, moving away from neutrals is easier said than done. We love neutrals; they go with everything and make matching easy. But no one in the fashion industry ever got anywhere by taking the easy route. In fact, the fashion gods are predicting jewel tones to be in high demand for fall/winter fashion 14/15.

Jewel tone fall/winter

So if you’re ready and willing, keep an eye out for these jewel tones for the remainder of this winter and you will have a coat that everyone will be lusting after in years to come. Your wardrobe will thank you.

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Fur Restyling: Add Fur Trim For Luxurious Look
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Have an old fur in your closet? Take a look at what we can do – when it comes to fur restyling, the possibilities are endless. Just take a look at two ways we restyled vintage mink coats. Fur trim is the easiest way to update any item of clothing in your wardrobe! And if we ever have leftover fur after doing a remodel, you can always use that fur to create warm weather accessories or items for your home. Our furriers are capable of the most detailed work. For even MORE photos of Flemington Fur restyled furs, click here!

Fur restyling and remodeling

Fur restyling and remodeling


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23 Days of Fab-Fur Gifts
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Fur Gifts and accessories


Visit the Flemington Fur Facebook page to take advantage of these special gifts!

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The Most Loved Fur Types
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If you’re buying your first fur, it can be difficult deciding on a fur type, let alone a style and color! The possibilities are endless in the world of fur fashion, so one of the first things to consider is the fur type. Some furs are more popular than others, which end up affecting the different styles available and of course the price. Why are some more widely admired than others? The fur type’s versatility and the feel of the fur are some reasons. For example, a mink coat is the coat to many women, and it has to do a lot with its supple nature.


Mink Coat

Classic Mink Coat

If you’re the kind of woman who likes having something different but just as luxurious, look to different fur types like Persian Lamb, which has a naturally beautiful curl, or Chinchilla which is incomparable in softness.


Persian Lamb and Chinchilla Coat

Persian Lamb (left) and Chinchilla coat (right)

And if you’re asking our followers on Facebook what their all-time favorite fur type was, you won’t get one straight answer! But the numbers don’t lie; mink is still getting the most attention from fur lovers. And we were happy to see that there are always those who can’t choose a favorite and love every single kind! There’s no need to be loyal to one fur type. If this is your second or even third fur, go for variety; each coat will come in handy at different times in your life.

popular fur types

If you’re still not sure which is the right choice for you, we recommending reading this detail on all the types of fur available on the market from the Fur Information Council of America.

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